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Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Badminton Online Flash Games Review


We all like to play a few online flash games once in a while. Even in the sports genre, there are many free games available to play. Football? loads. Tennis? plently. Cricket? surprisingly, lots. So when I went to search for badminton games, I found 2 that were unique. Not much variety, but here are the ones I found anyway:

Badminton-Information.com Badminton Game

This is quite an enjoyable game to play, because it allows you to use a variety of different shots, such as smash, clear and drop shots. The controls are simple as well, the arrow keys for movement, the Z key to clear, X key to drop and the C key to smash. All the shots will be very precise (and never seem to go out!) so the game isn't frustrating and quite easy to play. As long as the character is near the shuttle when the shot is played, the shuttle would usually fly to wherever you hit it. Although sometimes, a net shot will hit the net, instead of going over. There is some tactics involved, as the opponent will usually return the shuttle. Therefore you will have to move the opponent around the court quite a bit. For example, drop, lift, drop, lift ect. Just use your real life badminton tactics! The smash in my opinion isn't very effective, because it is too slow and a drop seems to work better. But you might find a use for it! Overall, apart from the shots being so accurate, a very fun and realistic online badminton game!

Revoke.ca Badminton Game

Play this game at: http://revoke.ca/badminton2/

This badminton game is more 'fluid' than the other game, because you can roam around the court (you can actually run off the court unlike the other game) and you can even jump! This allows you to play a jump smash! ^_^ However, there isn't a designated button for different shots, but rather the shot depends on how much more you hit the shuttle with and that is controlled by how hard/how long you press the X key for. But then again, this does kinda emulate real life. As well as many other factors, a clear and a drop is played is played differently, becuase you put different amounts of power into the shot. The controls are very simple and straightforward for this game. Arrow keys to move, Z key to jump and X key to hit the shuttle. Easy. If you play football games, then it's like the first game being like FIFA and this game being Pro Evo. Somehow theres probably a small comparison there, but you would have to try both games to find out your favourite, and I recommend you do so! =P

Have fun! :) And don't forget to leave a message in the shoutbox!! ;)


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